A compact smartphone pouch that adds spice to life.

Spice it up! Live it up!

In 2024, andu amet embarked on various challenges, starting with the theme of enjoying a life full of depth and spice, 'Spice it up! Live it up!'

In this newsletter, we'll be periodically sharing glimpses of the 'spice of life,' including new challenges taken on by our staff and snippets from their journeys!

Vol.1 EC Team - Sato

Dreaming of delivering aerial videos


As part of my role in the EC team, I also take part in photography. That is why I've set 'Improving video production skills' as my goal for this year. An essential element for this is undoubtedly the quality of the footage. Being able to capture footage that was previously out of reach opens up a whole new range of possibilities for sharing with everyone, and, more importantly, allows for the creation of enjoyable videos!

So, early in the new year, I enrolled in a drone pilot training school and immediately began my training.

Amidst many schools promising qualifications after just a few sessions, I opted for a more rigorous program aimed at training professional pilots with real skills. Alongside learning how to fly, I'll also be delving into topics such as advanced maneuvering techniques, specialized knowledge of radio waves and electrical currents, and understanding radio control systems and internal structures. It's said to take around a year to receive professional certification.


Controlling a drone is much more challenging than I imagined, and initially, I found myself getting confused a lot, especially when the left and right movements reversed depending on the direction of flight. However, watching advanced pilots operate their drones with ease is motivating.

In the midst of such training, one constant companion around my waist is the compact pouch 'Comfy.' While valuables must be carried, a large bag would hinder my piloting. In this situation, 'Comfy' serves as the perfect solution, offering more than going empty-handed but less than a bulky bag.

So, I've been squeezing in practice sessions whenever I can find the time. Regardless of age, embarking on new challenges is always stimulating and exciting.

I hope one day to share aerial videos on andu amet's Facebook and Instagram, and if that day comes, I'll quietly celebrate having obtained this professional pilot certification.


Stay tuned for more exciting updates on various staff members' adventures, delivering different flavors of spice in our ongoing 'Spice it up! Live it up!' series!"