[Spring Special] Coordinate Recommendation for Beige and Black

The first signs of spring have appeared, and we can't wait for the season filled with blossoms to start. 

Today, we're delighted to introduce some coordinated outfits that fit with our beige and black bags. The bags are from the Hug series, which, as you may already know, is unique in its smooth texture and irresistible softness that has been beloved by many since our foundation.

We're also excited to announce the restocking of the popular Hug Hug/Nile Black bag too. Don't forget to check that out as well!

Select a linen long skirt on days when you want to relax. Pairing this with the luxurious sheepskin bag adds a touch of sophistication to the trendy relaxed style.

Elevate your spring look with a lime green ensemble. The playful Hug Hug, accented with suede fabric, subtly complements the lively skirt pattern, making a statement without overwhelming the outfit.

For a monochrome, minimalist look, try focus on the silhouette and quality of materials. The distinctive shape and leather texture of the Hug Hug enhance the masculine monochrome and sneaker style, transforming it into an elegant adult ensemble.

Pair the serene Baby Hug Desert Flower with a sweet white lace top and refreshing sax blue skirt. Its subdued elegance perfectly complements the romantic design, adding a touch of sophistication.

Even with a simple blouse adorned with delicate cut lace, the Baby Hug's chain and swaying tassel can add a touch of glamour, resembling an accessory.

When paired with the leather jacket "Ebreeze," carrying the bag as a clutch by removing the chain creates an intellectual and cool impression.

From a non-provocative to cool atmosphere, from a modish to feminine impression, the "Hug series" effortlessly complements every fashion style. Why not add one item to your spring wardrobe and lighten both your body and soul with it?

Hug Hug

Baby Hug