Must-Have Items to Start the New Season

For a fresh start of the season: recommended items for spring

As cherry blossoms bloom across the country, this season brings a sense of excitement along with rising temperatures. Whether you're starting afresh due to a job transfer, a move to a new place, or a challenge for new hobbies, here are some items that can boost your positive mindset and support your new beginnings!


Its perfect size and lightweight feel make it versatile for any occasion. It's also great as a secondary bag for spring camping.


For those commuting by bike for health from this spring, a capable backpack may be essential to maintain motivation.


A multi-functional clutch bag that can also be used as a laptop case. It makes a thoughtful gift for friends embarking on new adventures.


This passport-sized smartphone pouch eliminates the need for a wallet with its practical features. Slip your IC card into the pocket for easy commuting and access.

For a heartfelt gift to show your support, why not consider some of these Ethiopian sheepskin leather accessories...?

Coin Case Versatile Pouch Pen Case