Mother's Day: Fill the Incredibly Light and Supremely Soft Leather with Thanks

Mother's Day: Fill the Incredibly Light and Supremely Soft Leather with Thanks

As we enter May and enjoy the warmth of Golden Week, we also look ahead to Mother's Day next Sunday. Many of you may be pondering the perfect gift.

A common concern we hear from older women in our store is, "As the years go by, I feel the weight of my bag more and more, so lightness is crucial.... but I'm never satisfied with nylon bags."

When we then show them andu amet's bags and accessories, made from luxurious Ethiopian sheepskin, they often respond with, "It's so light, while having a sense of quality, and the price is very reasonable for the quality. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!"

With that in mind, today we present a selection of andu amet's products that combine lightness and high quality, perfect for sophisticated women. Each item is carefully chosen to suit different needs and occasions.

Why not give a special gift that will grow more beautiful with age, just like your mother?

For an active mother → Amulet

If she loves to keep her hands free, the mini backpack is an ideal choice. Depending on how you use the straps, it can also be worn crossbody or as a handbag.

For a mother who often goes on short outings → Comfy

An exquisite smartphone pouch that's soothing to the touch. It can also hold cash and cards, making it perfect for short outings.

For a mother who often has a lot to carry  → Airy

Among andu amet's lightweight bags, Airy stands out for its extreme lightness. Despite weighing only as much as a slice of bread, it has passed load-bearing tests for up to 14 kg.

For a fashion-loving mother → Azuma

A luxurious tote that reinterprets the traditional Japanese azuma bukuro with sheepskin. The shoulder strap contains a sponge for added comfort, reducing shoulder strain.

For a mother with upcoming travel plans → Make My Day

Make My Day is unbelievably light for a leather bag of this size. It's perfect for weekend trips or visits to the sports club.

Everyday items deserve quality too.

Enjoy the feel of sheepskin with these recommended leather accessories:

Coin Case Versatile Pouch Pen Case