A Bag That Blends into Everyday Life: In Love at First Sight

Hello everyone.

I'm Yuko, supporting legal affairs at andu amet.

Today, I'd like to introduce a bag that I've been using and loving for nearly four years since I first met andu amet, the Baby Hug (in Nile Black).

What I love most, without a doubt, is the design that captured my heart at first sight.


The overall design is simple in black, yet it incorporates suede with a different texture in the central layer, vibrant colors on the inside lining, and stylish touches throughout. The detachable brass chain not only expands its functionality but also adds a touch of glamour to the bag. Of course, the feel of the premium leather is also truly exceptional. I often find myself unconsciously stroking and touching the bag.

Moreover, the Baby Hug has an incredibly versatile range of uses.

During weekdays when I have work, I carry a slightly larger bag, and I use the Baby Hug as an inner bag to store my wallet and valuables. This way, my wallet won't get lost in the big bag, and it's protected from scratches.


On weekends, when I go out with my child, I put my wallet and smartphone in the Baby Hug with the chain attached and carry it diagonally across my shoulder. The luxurious Baby Hug adds a sense of sophistication to even casual outfits.

Furthermore, when dressing up a bit for dining out with friends, the Baby Hug without the chain serves as a clutch bag and often plays a significant role.

In this way, the Baby Hug has become an indispensable and cherished part of my life. It's not just the design and practicality that make it a comfortable companion, but also the resonance with the story behind the product... I look forward to continuing this relationship for a long time.