What I Want to Pass Down


Mother's Day is just around the corner.

Every year at this time, I think there are many people who reminisce about the days spent with their mothers. For me, Hikari, one of the staff members, I've started to reflect more on the days my mother cherished, especially since I gave birth to my daughter two years ago.

Today, I'd like to share a story about the Mother's Day gift I received for the first time last year, after giving birth to my child. It wasn't a gift from my then-0-year-old daughter but a beautiful emerald ring with intricate cuttings that my mother gave me, purchased as a commemoration of the year I was born, nearly 30 years ago.

Since I was a child, I often saw my mother wearing this ring when she went out. I hadn't seen her wearing it recently, but it turns out she had it resized to fit my finger.

"When I bought this, I intended to give it to you when you grew up," my mother told me. So, after over 30 years, I received the ring she had planned to pass on, which now rests on my ring finger.

In fact, I also have something that I'd like to pass on to my daughter when she grows up. It's an andu amet bag that I purchased seven years ago and have been using carefully, with regular maintenance.


On normal outings, when I want to boost my spirits, or when I need a little motivation, I always reach for this Big Hug bag.

Trends and personal preferences may have changed several times over the seven years, but when I walk with this bag, my posture naturally straightens, and my mood lifts. It's more than just a fashion item for me; it's a one-of-a-kind presence.

When my daughter grows up and starts to enjoy her own sense of style, I want to pass this bag on to her, along with the memories we've created over the years. I'll take good care of it so that I can hand it over to her in the best possible condition.

From child to mother, and from mother to child. Do you have something you'd like to pass on to someone special someday?

At andu amet, for those who opt for paid gift wrapping in May, we offer special wrapping that includes a cute Thank You cookie. If you wish to avail of this service, please write "Mother's Day wrapping request" in the order notes during checkout.

Just to note, this year, we have extended "Mother's Day" throughout the entire month of May as part of our "Thank you mom and frontlines!" campaign, to prevent an increase in Covid-19 infections due to delivery congestion. We will therefore be extending the special wrapping service until the end of May. For customers who place gift-wrapped orders after May 10th, we will include a message explaining this campaign. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation.

"Although Mother's Day is on the second Sunday in May, this year, to prevent an increase in Covid-19 infections due to delivery congestion, we have extended it to cover all of May. Your order today is a part of this campaign, and we appreciate your agreement with its purpose. In these days of ongoing confusion and anxiety, we hope that these products, crafted with care by artisans in Ethiopia, can bring a little brightness and comfort to your heart. Please take care and stay safe."