【User's Report】New 3-Way Bag "Amulet"

New Release Amulet

Used by our Staff

"Versatility in Three Ways"

The recently launched, 3-way mini backpack "Amulet" has caught the attention of andu amet staff. This backpack can indeed transform into a backpack, crossbody bag, and shoulder bag depending on how you use its two straps. Excited about its possibilities, our staff members promptly tried it out.

- Miwa's Experience -

Miwa, our intern, juggles academics, part-time work, shopping, and time with friends, creating a somewhat hectic schedule. To make the most of every moment, the 3-way functionality of Amulet comes in handy!

For a casual cafe visit to read a book, Miwa quickly slings it over her shoulder with just the essentials like the desired book and wallet, achieving a slightly mature look that she enjoys.

Commuting to work by bicycle for her part-time job, a safe and comfortable backpack is a must-have item for her.


On days off or during free time for shopping, the crossbody style is perfect when hands are full with shopping bags.

During school commutes, she uses it as a backpack with a hand-carry PC case. The adaptability of the 3-way feature proves very convenient based on the situation.


For those rare moments of personal time, Takako's favorite style is a casual shoulder sling for lunch with friends from her student days. 

With a visit to the library for a children's book reading session at her children's elementary school the next day, the backpack style is ideal for leisurely book selection. It seamlessly transitions to evening grocery shopping, handling increased luggage with ease.

For times waiting for or reading on the train, the crossbody style allows quick access to essential items, making it extremely convenient.


Her water bottle, a folding umbrella, a long wallet, a cardholder, and a pouch for essentials – everything fits perfectly! Hand cream with yuzu scent, is from her favorite yaetokoさん.

The 3-way Amulet smartly adapts to various scenes and styles. Please let Amulet be of use in those casual moments of your daily life.

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